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Christmas Appeal

Build hope for communities like Imote's in the face of the coronavirus pandemic

Imote sits in front of his house in Nigeria smiling

Together, we can build hope

At the end of one of the most difficult years the world has faced, we invite you to stand together with us to build hope for the poorest and most vulnerable people. In the face of storms, drought and disease, your love builds hope.

Your love builds hope for young people like Imote in Nigeria, who has struggled to feed his young family due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Your love builds hope for mothers like Kawite in Ethiopia, a mother on the frontline of the climate crisis. 

Join us this Christmas to build hope for communities facing terrible crises across the world. 

Meet Imote

Imote Ioryue, 21, sadly lost both of his parents at a young age and was left to care for his nine siblings, alone.

Due to the devastating coronavirus pandemic, he has been unable to sell the produce from his farm, leaving him unable to buy food or basic household supplies.

Thanks to the faithful and generous giving of our supporters, Imote received cash support from Christian Aid so he can continue to support his young family.

Let's help more families like Imote's this Christmas.

Kawite's Story

A mother on the frontline of the climate crisis. Learn how love builds hope for Kawite and her family.


Church resources

Build hope this Christmas with our resources including videos, sermon notes, prayer sheets and more.

Build hope with your Church

Join us this Christmas in a collective moment of solidarity and hope.
Service of thanksgiving

Share in our collective worship

Learn more about how churches are coming together this Christmas in solidarity and hope

We made such a difference last Christmas. Will you help us again?

We fought poverty

in total raised to help your global neighbours

We worked together

churches came together to give, act and pray

We acted together

of you demanded the UK to help end violence in Yemen

Will you support our Christmas Appeal?

Love never fails. Even when crisis threatens, love builds hope.

Love builds hope in some of the world’s toughest places.

Love builds resilience in some of the world’s fiercest climates.

In the face of disease, drought and darkness, hope remains.


This Christmas, we stand with our neighbours near and far in crisis.

With hope, we build foundations of love that will transform lives.


Our traditions may look different in this year of social distance, yet love is never distant.

Love calls us to action.

Other ways to donate

Click here for more information on other ways you can support our work with the most vulnerable communities across the world.