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Every woman deserves the chance to break out of poverty…

And in Bangladesh, young women have become a guiding light in their community - leading the way out.

Kurigram, in Northern Bangladesh, is one of the country's poorest and most disaster-prone regions. Life, here, is challenging. And for women, opportunities are even more limited. 

Looking back, 21-year-old Kakoli Khatun, who lives in Kurigram, remembers, ‘I didn’t have any dreams a few years ago… To do something, I had to ask for money from my brothers and father.’

But now, Kakoli splits her time running a successful business, while studying for a college degree.   

Kakoli has found community in an extraordinary group of gifted women – artisans and entrepreneurs – who've set up a business to sell their beautiful craftwork online. These women have become a powerful force change in their communities.

Your gift could enable someone like Kakoli to shape their future.

This Christmas, will you help young women shine?

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Your gift could help young women carve their own path out of poverty.

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Kakoli's story

‘I didn’t have any dreams a few years ago. I didn’t have any money to do anything. To do something, I had to ask for money from my brothers and father… I explained to my parents that I don’t want to marry, let me grow up. I want to study now. I am in the first year of my degree course'
Kakoli Khatun

Kakoli is studying for a degree at college. At the same time, she’s running a successful business after receiving training, start-up funding support from Christina Aid and our partners, Aid Comilla. 

This Christmas, you could help young women, like Kakoli, launch a business online and earn her own independent living.

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Kakoli runs a successful Nakshi kantha-making business and is also in the first year of her degree. Credit: Fabeha Monir/Christian Aid
Kakoli, a young woman in a red and yellow sari, stands in front of trees near her home in  Kurigram, Bangladesh. She's smiling at the camera.
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Your gift could help young women can carve their own path out of poverty.