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Donation envelope

Our classic giving envelope.

Donation envelope (Channel Islands)

Our classic giving envelope. 

A2 poster

A2 publicity poster. 

Christian Aid Week churches film

Our 2022 Christian Aid Week film featuring Janet.

Christian Aid Week churches film (Welsh)

Our Welsh language-subtitled Christian Aid Week film, featuring Janet.

Church poster (English)

A double-sided A3 poster with a A4 TY poster on the back, and space to add the amount you raised.

Church poster set (Welsh)

A Welsh double sided A3 poster. It has a A4 thank-you poster on the back, with space to add the amount you raised.

Collector's badge - Welsh

Please order 1 per collector. It's a legal requirement for all collectors to wear this badge.

Delivery-only slip, sheet of 4

Editable slip template to leave with your envelope at 'no cold calling' houses, or when no one is home.

Editable delivery-only labels

 A label template to print at home and add to your delivery only envelopes.

Editable promotional poster

A printable poster with space to give details of events and fundraising links.

Devotional (English)

OUT OF STOCK Seven days of prayers and reflections. Includes a campaign action postcard.