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Libbie organises a quiz for Christian Aid Week

A love that never gives up

Why coronavirus won't hold Libbie back from fundraising this Christian Aid Week (10-16 May)

Published on 6 May 2020

When the coronavirus pandemic first hit, Libbie Shepherd was well into planning her Christian Aid Week celebrations. Instead of giving up, she tells us of her determination to take part and transform lives.

Organiser for a local group in Wiltshire, Libbie describes the shock she felt when she realised Christian Aid Week would not be able to happen in its usual way.

She says: ‘So much work goes into bringing the community together and we realised that we just weren’t going to be able to do that this year.’

It was like the rug had been pulled from underneath us. We realised we weren't going to be able to bring the community together this year

A new way of fundraising

It was after participating in a local Christian Aid event, linking the Purton community by live video with Christian Aid’s Kenya team, that Libbie gained a new perspective.

‘We knew the sense of anxiety, fear and panic in our own country around coronavirus – and that’s with a strong infrastructure, a social security system and a fabulous health service.

'It brought home to us the importance of what we do as supporters of Christian Aid. Our circumstances might have changed here in the UK, but the need remains unchanged to address poverty and its root causes.’

As Libbie travelled home, she began to consider how her group could support Christian Aid Week this year from within their own homes. Libbie has continued with enthusiasm to send her usual paper quiz out by email and is looking at making one for local children too. The quiz succeeds in raising over £600 each year and Libbie is hopeful to raise the same amount again.

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My hope is that this time of national vulnerability will make us more compassionate towards people who are living in crisis

Standing together with our neighbours

‘We usually have a Big Brekkie and this year we can’t, but we are also encouraging people who, like myself, had already budgeted to give for the breakfast and the door-to-door and the curry night, to still give that money, because the need is still there.

‘My hope is that this time of national vulnerability will make us more compassionate, and that we will do what we can to help people in crisis.’

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