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Fundraisers at Tay Bridge Cross 2019

Three fancy-dressed fundraisers, Tay Bridge Cross 2019 - Lesley Martin

Fantastic fundraisers

Be inspired by these fundraising heroes who are showing their love for our global neighbours this Christian Aid Week.

Published on 6 May 2020

Although we can't gather together as we usually do this year, many of our supporters are finding new ways to reach out with love for our neighbours, near and far.

Every Christian Aid Week, our kind supporters amaze us with their enthusiasm and devotion, as we come together to raise funds for some of the poorest communities in the world.

This year, Christian Aid Week coincides with VE Day celebrations. Despite the restrictions in place due to coronavirus, the same spirit of unity that inspired British and Irish churches to help people left homeless in the Second World War, prevails today.

Here, we share some creative fundraising ideas to inspire you.

Great-grandfather walks 500 miles

In Northamptonshire, great-grandfather John Hindson, 77, is not letting lockdown limit his horizons. He initially set himself the challenge of walking 350 miles ‘towards Nairobi’ for Christian Aid during April and May.

After smashing his original target of £500 he has upped his goal to 500 miles and is walking daily to show his love for people living in global poverty.

You can support John’s fundraising

And in Kingston, five members of clergy are walking 1.5 million steps to raise money for communities around the world who are fighting coronavirus. 

We are all facing coronavirus together. It doesn’t matter whether people are next door or far away, if they are struggling, we should help.

- John, great grandfather is walking 500 miles for Christian Aid.

Fundraiser in Kingston

Ray Charlton, chair of Christian Aid group in Kingston, says: 'Imagine trying to cope with coronavirus without access to soap and water at home.'

Gardens of hope

In Pill, Somerset, the local group were dismayed at the thought that their annual plant sale couldn’t go ahead, but rather than cancel their event, they simply took it online!

Keeping in contact with the volunteers who grow the plants, they have listed what’s available online and are exploring safe ways they can deliver plants or hold onto them until restrictions are lifted.

Group secretary Mary Thomas says: ‘The key is to be flexible. The situation is changing all the time and hopefully we will hold other events in the autumn, but the plant sale gives us a focus for this spring and who knows, it may well reach new customers and help keep our community connected.’

Plant sale in Somerset

A Christian Aid group in Somerset are holding their plant sale online this year.

Lockdown quiz

In Salisbury, the local Christian Aid group are taking their quiz virtual!

They will be holding a virtual Christian Aid 'Lockdown quiz’ at 7pm, Tuesday 12 May.

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