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Geeta with her mother and daughter in India.

Seven ways to celebrate Christian Aid Week

Share the joy of Christian Aid Week (10-16 May) from home.

Published on 11 May 2020

Happy Christian Aid Week!

As coronavirus continues to impact our daily lives, we’re finding new ways to celebrate this special week.

We can’t take part in the usual house-to-house collections or Big Brekkies this year. But we can still give, act and pray together virtually, with love for our neighbours living in poverty worldwide.

Here are seven ideas to share the joy of Christian Aid Week with your friends and family.

1. Pray with us

Love never fails. Love always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

Take time out to reflect on the love of God this week and pray with love for your neighbours who are fighting this pandemic.

You could...



Elaine Duigenan

Join us in praying for communities around the world who are facing coronavirus.

2. Send an e-Envelope

The trusty envelope is an emblem for Christian Aid Week, and this year is no different!

Instead of posting envelopes through letterboxes, you can send a personalised message to friends and family with our e-Envelope. It’s really easy to do and will help raise vital funds for families living in poverty around the world.

Send an e-Envelope 

3. Hold a 'Little Brekkie'

Many of you would have been planning a Big Brekkie fundraising breakfast with your church or school.

This week, why not make your own ‘Little Brekkie’ with your family or the people you live with? Check out our Big Brekkie recipes – we love the look of the full English breakfast! You may not have every ingredient in the cupboards, but you could still serve up something tasty.

You could nominate friends to cook a brekkie in their homes too, and ask for a small donation to help families living in poverty

A family holds a Big Brekkie safely at home in Derbyshire

A family holds a Big Brekkie safely at home in Derbyshire

4. Join our daily quiz

You, your friends and family can all get involved in a new quiz each day of Christian Aid Week at 7:30pm on Facebook Live.

Simply tune at 7:30pm every day on Facebook

5. Start a hymn-athon

Share the joy of singing your favourite hymns by calling your friends, family, or church group. You could each sing a verse and join in altogether for the chorus.

Find out how you could turn this into a virtual fundraising event

If you’re feeling brave, you could even put on a virtual concert!

6. Design your own envelope

Get crafty and create your own Christian Aid Week envelope! Draw, paint or colour-in your handmade designs. A great activity for children, you could stick your envelopes in your windows for your neighbours to see.

A homemade envelope on display in a window

A homemade envelope on display in a window.

7. Take action

Join us in speaking out for justice. We’re calling on the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, to cancel debt payments of poor countries during this global pandemic.

Sign the petition

Let us know how you’re celebrating this special week by sharing your photos on Facebook and Twitter and tag #CAWeek

Thank you so much for your support this Christian Aid Week. Every gift, every prayer, every action will help save lives.


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