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House-to-house collection

Want to have fun and raise money to fight poverty? Get involved!

Collect house to house this year. Every envelope can change lives.

Together, our supporters delivered millions of envelopes to people's homes last year, helping to raise almost £8m. Could you help us do the same this year?

Volunteers have been collecting house to house since Christian Aid Week began more than 60 years ago. Each envelope collected could help people living in poverty – people like Rose in Kenya.

Collecting house to house could help people like Rose fight the climate crisis.

Help women like Rose

When she was a child, Rose remembers how often the rains would fall, giving fruit to the baobab trees and providing plenty of nutritious food to eat.

Now, drought is causing a hunger crisis. Crops wither and die. Rivers are bone dry. People are struggling to survive. ‘I often feel hungry,’ Rose says. ‘Because of climate change and drought, I worry a lot about food. I pray to God that the rainfall will become normal like it used to be.’

Stand together with people in Kenya

The rains are due to come any day now. By collecting house to house, you can help Rose and her community prepare to capture the water in a dam, so not a single drop is wasted.

House to house resources

Find resources to make your collecting a success.

House to house FAQs

Find answers to some commonly asked questions.