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  • Advice for treasurers

    Counting, banking and reporting the money raised is a vitally important part of your Christian Aid Week activities! Here's our advice on everything treasurers need to know which includes some coronavirus safety measures.

    Information for treasurers
  • Data Protection guidance

    In your volunteering, you will often hold data on Christian Aid supporters: for example, the names and addresses of your collectors. As a Christian Aid volunteer, you are responsible for keeping the data you hold safely, and for meeting the GDPR regulations that came into force last year. 

    As a Christian Aid volunteer, you’re also responsible for keeping data on other supporters safely and in line with the new rules. 

    Guidance on keeping data safe
  • Future Christian Aid Week dates

    Already looking forward to the next Christian Aid Week? Get the dates in your diary now!

    • 12-18 May 2024
    • 11-17 May 2025
    • 10-16 May 2026
    Get the dates in your diary

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