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Christian Aid Week FAQs

Find answers to some commonly asked questions. Please see Coronavirus guidance for events and activities below.

Essential information

Due to an agreement we have with other charities, please ensure that collectors deliver and collect envelopes during Christian Aid Week only: 10-16 May.  


You don’t need permission to do a house-to-house collection in Christian Aid Week. We have written to the police and all local authorities to inform them that house-to-house collections may be taking place in your area.   

If you wish to make contact with your local authority personally, please quote: exemption order reference CHC/97/7/49/1.   

No cold-calling stickers now apply to charity collections. Please do not knock on doors with stickers which say ‘no cold-calling’, ‘no fundraisers’, ‘no charities’ or similar, unless it is the home of someone you know.   

Some councils have also introduced No Cold Calling Zones. Go to for more information and to find out whether your council allows collections in No Cold Calling Zones.   

Please note that due to changes in the agreements between charities, paid fundraisers from other agencies may now be operating during Christian Aid Week.