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Christian Aid Week FAQs

Find answers to some commonly asked questions. Please see Coronavirus guidance for events and activities below.

Collector recruitment ideas

Being asked personally is one of the most powerful motivators for getting involved in Christian Aid Week. So, as well as thinking about where you can publish requests for collectors (for instance, in your church notices or newsletter) think about who you can approach individually and how to go about it.  

Most collectors are long standing volunteers who are well known to their church representative or organiser. When a new collector joins your group, if they are not known to one of your existing members, please speak to their church leader to ensure they are in good standing in their church. Please also ask them if they have any prior convictions and get in touch with us for further advice if they do. 

Think of groups to approach

Are there groups either within your church or that meet in your building that might be able to get involved? What about within the wider community?

Train the next generation

You must be over 16 to collect house to house in your own right, but children can be very effective collectors’ assistants. We have a fantastic team of volunteer speakers and teachers who could provide a school assembly or materials to support you to do it yourself. This is a great way of reaching lots of young people, as well as prompting parents to give. Or why not encourage Scouts, Guides or other uniformed groups to get involved? 

Give a talk beforehand

Get in touch with us at to request a local speaker. This could help inspire new volunteers.  

Show a video

We’ve got lots of great videos on our YouTube channel. Could you show one of these in your church notices? Or perhaps you could share them on Facebook or via email. 

Share stories

Encourage current collectors to share their positive experiences of collecting in the notices. Has house to house helped them meet their neighbours or feel more connected to their local community? Are there members of your church who were introduced to the church by a collector coming to their door? 

Link collections to church’s mission

For example, by delivering a leaflet about some of your other church activities along with the envelopes. Or how about combining collecting or delivering envelopes with a prayer walk?