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Christian Aid Week FAQs

Find answers to some commonly asked questions. Please see Coronavirus guidance for events and activities below.

Adapting house to house

 Perhaps you haven’t got enough volunteers to cover all your streets. That’s OK – there are lots of ways you can adapt house to house to make it easier and more enjoyable. 

One-stop collection

Rather than doing one trip to deliver your envelopes and another to pick them up, why not knock on doors the first time you go around and give people an envelope there and then?

Delivery only with drop-off point

With a Delivery-only collection you can deliver envelopes without needing to go back and collect. Using our specially designed envelopes you can write on, label, print or stamp a local drop off point or return address so supporters who wish to make a donation can do so. Find out more about here.

Focus your efforts

If you can only collect on a few streets, consider concentrating on the ones most convenient for your collectors, or where you’ve collected recently and are known by the people living there. Or you might know that certain streets are always particularly generous – make sure you collect from them!