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Christian Aid Week FAQs

Find answers to some commonly asked questions. Please see Coronavirus guidance for events and activities below.

Youth delivery only

A delivery-only collection provides a great opportunity to cover a wider area than usual helping to boost potential income. Many of our supporters have had success engaging with young people through youth groups or uniformed group to help with the delivery of envelopes and tell young people more about Christian Aid’s work. Read on for our top tips.

Find groups near you

As a starting point see what youth groups are available near you, you may have a group in your church or a neighbouring church or you can find out what’s available near you online

Once you have made contact with a group we suggest the following things. Ask the leader if you can go along and tell them a bit more about Christian Aids work. Each year we have a children’s film and an all age talk and activities to help young people connect with our work and see what impact they can make. You can help the children make parallels between their lives and the people Christian Aid supports and the next step of this journey is volunteering their time to deliver envelopes.

Key points

Children should be supervised so collecting as a group with group leaders and some willing adults is a must.

We recommend delivery takes place before it gets dark and always before 9pm.

Publicise what you are doing. Do you have a local magazine, local Facebook group or community notice board? People love to see young people getting involved in a good cause and are likely to give if they know children have been involved in the delivery. You can also use these sorts of tools to advertise your drop off point if applicable. Our printable no reply slips have an editable section, so you can tell supporters where to return their envelopes or about any local events they might want to join.

Make it fun

Hold a competition to see which child can deliver the most envelopes and give out prizes.

Get the group together afterwards for Pizza or games to celebrate their volunteering.

Don’t forget to take pictures to share with the group.

Make sure you feedback and celebrate how much was raised.