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Christian Aid Week FAQs

Find answers to some commonly asked questions. Please see Coronavirus guidance for events and activities below.

Low effort collecting

Please read our coronavirus guidance to help you stay safe while collecting.

Deliver envelopes your way – there’s no need to knock and collect! 

Use our delivery-only envelopes for simple, contact free way to collect donations from your community this May. Our envelopes provide space to stamp, print, label or write on your envelopes to tell supporters where to drop their donation. Read on for more information to help you organise your own envelope drop off.  



Here’s a low down on the resources available to support your envelope delivery, all the resources listed are available here. We are continuously updating our resources page so please check back again if you can't find what you're looking for.   

  • Delivery-only envelope - Just like our classic giving envelope but containing a blank space so you can add a drop off point. Supporters can utilise this space as they desire by writing on an address, stamping, or labelling the envelope. 
  • Collector badge - All volunteers should wear our specially designed collector badge when delivering envelopes. The badge will give you legitimacy and visibility and is a legal requirement to identify you as a Christian Aid volunteer when you are delivering or collecting envelopes.  
  • No reply slips - If you don’t want to personalise the envelope why not use our no reply slip? The slips provide information on how to give via text, online and phone and you can write a personalised message on the slip. This could be used to invite people to return their envelope to a church or community coffee morning or publicise your other Christian Aid Week events. Simply print and attach to your envelopes. 

Choosing a drop off point

Many collectors cover their local streets, which means their house works well as a convenient drop-off point for envelopes. 

If you approach a business like the post office or a local shop, you must make sure they are reputable businesses. Our guide below has a handy template letter for you to use to ask a local business to become a collection point. For security reasons returned envelopes should be kept in a sealed bucket in view of staff at all times. It’s a good idea to use a cable-tie to make sure the bucket remains closed or use a security chain which can be requested from Christian Aid via

You will need written permission from the site owner where your collection box will be placed. 

Recruiting collectors

Delivery-only collections mean a wider range of people can run a collection. Under-16s can deliver the envelopes, so getting a local uniform group involved can be a really effective way of increasing your delivery area. 

With improved flexibility on who can deliver, we’ve seen many groups and individuals use the opportunity to cover greater areas than they had before. This extended reach then boosted the donations that were received.

Other promotion

Delivering envelopes is a great opportunity to get the word out about other Christian Aid Week activities you have planned. If you’re holding an event or Christian Aid Week service, why not deliver invites alongside your envelopes? 

Guide to running your collection

Here’s our guide to running your collection with a helpful case study and sample letter.