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Christian Aid Week Collectors

Christian Aid Week collectors - Christian Aid

Christian Aid Week Envelopes

Our iconic envelope can be used in many different ways, read on to find the best way for you.

Every envelope can change lives and help the world's most vulnerable people. What will your envelope do this year?

We have three different ways for you to help fight the climate crisis with our iconic Christian Aid Week envelope. You can choose between the classic house to house collections, delivery only collections and sending an e-envelope. 

We are monitoring the coronavirus situation carefully, but we hope house-to-house collections will be possible for Christian Aid Week 2021. Risk levels vary across the country and government guidance is continuing to change, so please check our latest advice for the restrictions in your area.

Send an e-envelope

Take two minutes to help us raise vital funds for Christian Aid Week by simply sending your friends and family a personalised message in an e-envelope.

Encourage them to donate and join the fight against poverty and injustice around the world.

Create your e-envelope now.
Christian Aid Week collectors going house to house.

Christian Aid Week collectors going house to house. - Christian Aid

Classic house to house collections

Together, our supporters deliver millions of envelopes to people’s homes each year and this amazing act of witness has been happening for more than 60 years. Each envelope collected could help people living in poverty.

You can order your resources and find out more about our health and safety advice for house-to-house collections here. Please keep in mind that we are continually updating our resources page so please do visit the page again if you do not find what you're looking for at first. 

Delivery only collections

Our specially designed ‘delivery only’ envelope allows you to stamp, print, label or write on your envelopes to tell supporters where to drop their donation. Your drop off point could be your church, home or a local business and with delivery only there’s no need to knock or collect and you can cover more homes. 

If you’ve not collected before but you would like to organise a delivery only collection, you can sign up below and find more information and advice about running a delivery only collection here.

Please note if you are an existing volunteer with a group organiser or church rep role, you do not need to apply here and can order your materials as usual.

Sign up for delivery only envelopes