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Used for over 60 years, our envelopes are evolving

Use our specially designed delivery-only envelope to stamp, print, label or write on your envelopes to tell supporters where to drop their donation. Your drop off point could be your church, home or a local business.

Benefits of using delivery-only envelopes:

  • there’s no need to knock or collect
  • deliver at a time that suits you
  • reach more homes in less time 

Make collecting even easier

Order your delivery-only envelopes

Every gift. Every envelope. Every prayer. Every one of us can change lives.

Guidance, resources, and our online envelope

Guidance on delivery-only collections

Information and advice about running a delivery-only collection

Christian Aid Week 2023 resources

With every gift. Every action. Every prayer. Every one of us can change lives.

Create your personalised online envelope

A unique fundraising 'pot' that's easy to set up and share on email, social media, even printed materials.