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A sunny day. A group of women walk to the fields. The woman in the foreground carries a pail on her head.

Janet Zirugo (right) leads her 2 daughters and 2 daughters in law to the fields. - David Brazier / Christian Aid

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Our 300,000 Steps in May challenge is now closed for registrations, but you can still donate via our JustGiving page.

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Frequently asked questions

Find all the answers you need to have a successful 300,000 steps challenge for Christian Aid Week.

Image of a white woman, stood against a green garden background, wearing a red branded Christian Aid t-shirt

300k steps challenger Jill Harker - The Harkers/Christian Aid

Meet our challengers from 2021: Bill and Jill Harker

Along with their beagle Keeva, Bill and Jill (pictured here) joined the 300,000 steps challenge in 2021. As part of a team of walkers from churches across Northallerton, they raised thousands of pounds - and contributed towards walking at least four million steps just for that group alone!

Bill and Jill posted regular updates about their daily walks, and achieved fantastic results - raising more than £3,400.

‘The best part was having a definite focus each day and knowing we were doing it to help those not as fortunate as ourselves,' Jill told us.  

Her advice? ‘Just concentrate on one day at a time and that way the total for the challenge won't seem so daunting. Also, if [you] have a step counter to wear all the time, it's amazing how quickly steps will accumulate, on a daily basis, with routine things like shopping.’

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We've created a Spotify playlist perfect for getting those steps in.

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