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This Christian Aid Week, we stand with the resilient women of Zimbabwe.

Resilient women, who are standing strong against the threat of drought. Providers who are determined to lift their families out of hunger.

As the climate crisis rages on, vulnerable communities in Zimbabwe face the threat of more intense droughts, floods, and storms. It’s unjust that drought robs women like Jessica of the power to provide food for their families.  

Together, we hope to restore justice to our world, and protect the future for our children and grandchildren.

We raise our voices with our neighbours to call for climate justice, for those most responsible to pay for the loss and damage felt in Zimbabwe and around the world.

Every gift. Every action. Every prayer. Every one of us can change lives.

Jessica's story

‘My children crave a decent meal, but I can’t provide... It pains me to send them to bed hungry.’

Jessica is hungry - for a good meal, to earn a decent living, to provide a more hopeful future for her family. But she's anything but helpless.

Read her story, and learn how your gifts could help women like her provide food - and hope - for their families.

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Jessica Mwedzi carries maize grain on her head to the hammer mill Credit: Christian Aid / David Brazier
Jessica Mwedzi, right, walks through a field and carries a sack of maize on her head
Host a Big Brekkie event

With the funds you raise, you can help turn hunger into hope for families like Jessica's.

Christian Aid Week Help Centre

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Hexham supporters carrying water
Hexham supporters carrying water