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Support people in crisis

Help support families in urgent need in the world’s hard to reach conflicts

With humanitarian crises like Ukraine and the Middle East filling the headlines of our newspapers and social media, there's no question that millions around the world wake up every day to the perils of living in an emergency. 

Last year, with your support, we were able to help meet the immediate needs of 3.3 million people in crisis.

Christian Aid has created a special Emergency Fund to ensure that when there are emergencies that don’t make the headlines in the UK, we'll be able to respond swiftly to support families in need.

'This is not a life I expected to live, this life was forced on me.'

The millions of people we’ve already reached together are only a fraction of the struggling people in dire need of humanitarian support around the world today.

We want to reach more people like Martha, a 40-year-old mum of ten forced to flee to South Sudan with her family. Her neighbourhood in Khartoum was attacked during the conflict that broke out and escalated in 2023.

Families like Asunta’s (photographed on the right) need permanent shelter and support to meet their most basic and immediate needs like food and clean water.

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Asunta Nyanut Deng 55, with her grandchild Nyanlang Hai Deng, 1 year, 4 months in Aweil South, Bahr El Ghazal state Credit: Christian Aid
Asunta stands in her flooded farm in South Sudan
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Your gift will help us to support more families in need around the world whenever they may face a crisis.