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At least 3 million people are on the move. They're the Ukrainians of all ages who have seen their towns and cities reduced to rubble. People who just a few weeks ago were leading ordinary, peaceful lives not much different from our own.

They were forced to flee from everything they knew, often without time to pack or prepare, as they became a target for the next airstrike.

You can show them you care about their plight, by making a much-needed donation now. Money that will make a tangible difference to a life turned upside down in the most terrifying way imaginable.

This conflict has no end in sight, and the need is growing daily.

Please make a cash gift now, to bring some comfort to families who have lost everything.

Help make sure no refugee feels they’re in this alone.

Christian Aid is working with two partner organisations in the ACT Alliance, a global faith-based coalition, to offer assistance to Ukrainian refugees fleeing deadly violence.

Between us, we've already distributed 28 tonnes of food and other lifesaving essentials to people on the Ukrainian borders. But there's so much more to do.

Your support really will make a practical difference to someone caught up in this humanitarian tragedy.

  • £10 could provide essential hygiene supplies for one person for one month
  • £15 could provide a child's comfort kit, with essential first aid supplies and simple toys and activities to help them through the stress of another day
  • £86 can help provide temporary shelter to families whose homes have been destroyed by missiles