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South Asia Floods Appeal

Flood survivors urgently need shelter, food and clean water.

Millions of people have been displaced across India, Bangladesh and Nepal due to torrential rains that have caused floods and landslides. More than 100 lives have been lost, and survivors’ homes and livelihoods have been destroyed. 

Besides shelter, the biggest challenge is access to safe drinking water. There is a high risk that diseases will spread due to poor sanitation. 

With millions in urgent need of safe shelter, clean water, food and medical supplies, we need to act now.

Please donate to our South Asia Floods Appeal, so we can reach survivors with life-saving supplies. 

Photo credit: Anupam Nath/AP

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How we're responding

We are working with our local partners in India, Nepal and Bangladesh to help people whose homes and livelihoods have been lost.

Our teams are on the ground now, assessing people’s needs. We will provide safe drinking water, food, tarpaulin for shelters, hygiene materials, mosquito nets, and food for livestock. 

We need your support so we can provide life-saving help to those who need it most. 

Please donate to our South Asia Floods Appeal today

Banobala Rai

Survivor story

Banobala Rai lives in Dababil village, north east India, with her husband and three children.

Her village was hit by heavy flood waters, washing away houses and killing livestock. People’s lives were at risk as they took shelter on high land and in a school.

Banobala told us: ‘When flood water entered our house, me and my family had to leave immediately. It happened at midnight. We had no time to think.’

Thanks to your donations, we gave her cash support to recover from the floods. She used the cash to install a water pump and rebuild her damaged home.

Banobala was grateful for the cash she received, as it allowed her to decide how to use the money to help her family.

Prayers for those affected by South Asia floods

Two prayers for those affected by flooding in India, Bangladesh and Nepal. 

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