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Millions of people are being evacuated from their homes in India and Bangladesh due to Super Cyclone Amphan. People are being moved to shelters, but fears surrounding coronavirus are high.

On Wednesday 20 May, raging winds battered thousands of homes made with mud, tin and thatched roofs.

Millions are in urgent need of safe water, hygiene supplies, masks and sanitisers to prevent the spread of coronavirus. We need to act now.

How we're responding

We're addressing the needs of people most in danger so that we can give life-saving support.

Our partners are supporting the evacuations to cyclone centres, especially elderly people and people with disabilities.

We need your help now so we can provide life-saving aid to those who need it most. 

Prayers for those affected by Cyclone Amphan

Join us in prayer for those across India and Bangladesh.

Your gifts save lives in emergencies

Intense cyclones and storms continue to hit South Asia, and it's the most vulnerable people who are hit hardest. Your donations to the South Asia Emergency Appeal help us to be there before, during and after disasters.