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Terrorist attacks by Boko Haram have displaced around two million people in Nigeria. Many of them have seen loved ones killed, and their homes and belongings destroyed.

The Nigeria Crisis Appeal was launched to reach families in desperate need of food, water and shelter in north-east Nigeria: in Borno, Adamawa and Gombe states.

Fortunately, people in other communities are generous enough to help - nearly 80% of displaced people live with families who offer them shelter.

What we achieved

We were one of the few humanitarian organisations to provide support to both displaced people and their host households.

Your donations helped to provide

  • 240,000 people with food assistance 
  • 160,000 households with livelihood support to produce their own food 
  • cash transfers to 21,000 people for essential needs 
  • urgent nutrition for 22,000 children under five.