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Today, 6.5 million people in Malawi are going hungry, more than the total population of Scotland.

Drought, erratic rainfall and devastating floods have led to a life-threatening situation. Harvests have failed and prices have soared.

In the hardest-hit communities, desperate parents, whose crops were nearly ready for harvest, are cooking whatever they can find so that their hungry families have something to eat.

As ever, it is the youngest, oldest and the vulnerable who suffer most. Hundreds of thousands of pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers and young children are at particular risk of malnutrition.This is what their today looks like, but it doesn’t have to be their future.


Food now will feed the future

Christian Aid has released an initial £70,000 of emergency funds to support 1,000 families in Nsanje – one of the poorest regions. This will help families pay for water, meals and other essential supplies.

But Christian Aid Scotland needs your help so we can reach more people struggling to feed their families.

Act now to safeguard the future

Our partners have worked in Malawi for many years, helping communities to improve their harvests.

Through the Scottish Government’s Climate Justice Fund, we’ve provided farmers in Nsanje with solar-powered irrigation schemes to combat the effects of climate change.

However, the present food crisis is jeopardising all the progress we have made, leaving communities more vulnerable than ever. Hunger today is starving Malawi of its tomorrow. 

Give now. Help us address the immediate food crisis and continue to boost the longer-term resilience of communities in Malawi.

Your donations are providing

  • cash and vouchers
  • food
How we work in an emergency

We're based in countries affected by disasters, so we can be there before, during and after an emergency to save lives and support people long term.