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Hurricane Matthew swept through Haiti, leaving a trail of devastation in its wake.

Thousands of people lost their homes.   

Crops were flattened and livestock swept away, destroying people’s livelihoods.

Extensive flooding contaminated the water, leading to the spread of cholera.

We’re helping people recover after Hurricane Matthew 

Our partner KORAL (Kounbite pou Ranfose Aksyon Lakay) is distributing water purification tablets and training people about the risks of cholera.

They’re also making sure that houses are rebuilt and damaged roofs repaired, allowing the most vulnerable families to leave the shelter of churches and schools and return home.

Long-term support after Hurricane Matthew

Our partner MISSEH (Mission Sociale des Eglises Hatiennes) will distribute seeds and livestock to families, so they can rebuild their livelihoods, while cash grants from VETERIMED will also help people who lost fishing equipment, and reserves of food and seeds, to get back on their feet.

And we’ll continue to build on the successful work we’ve been doing since the earthquake struck Haiti in 2010. 

Following the earthquake, we built 700 specially designed earthquake-resistant homes. These houses survived the hurricane, with just one losing its roof.

So even though the families who live in them lost their farms and livelihoods when the storm hit, they have at least been able to offer shelter to others who no longer have a safe place to call home. 

Please give to our Hurricane Matthew Appeal

Please give whatever you can today to our Hurricane Matthew Appeal so that our partners can support communities to get back on their feet sooner rather than later.