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Central America has been shaken by a barrage of destruction. Nicaragua was struck on 16 November by the strongest hurricane on record to make landfall in the country. Hurricane Iota came just two weeks after Category 4 storm Hurricane Eta brought devastation in Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala.

The scale of the disaster is not yet known, but already millions of people’s lives have been upended. More than 30 people have been killed and the toll is expected to rise as rescue teams reach more remote communities. Most of the deaths are in Nicaragua and Honduras.

Like most disasters, Hurricane Iota has hit the poorest and most vulnerable people hardest. Families have been forced to evacuate and leave everything behind to seek safety.

Homes and crops have been flattened, with landslides and floods already bringing massive destruction across the region.

Our local partners are already responding but we need your help to reach more vulnerable families with urgent support.

Hurricane Iota Emergency Appeal

Hurricane Iota

Homes are destroyed

Thousands of people's homes have been damaged or destroyed by two hurricanes just weeks apart. Families have had to leave everything to find safety.

Please help provide urgent support for these communities and families as they recover now and rebuild in the weeks and months to come. 

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A man standing in a house severely damaged by Hurricane Iota in Puerto Cabezas, on the North Caribbean coast of Nicaragua. Credit: Cairo Jarquin HANDOUT/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock
Man stands in his ruined home after Hurricane Iota

Christian Aid's response

Families are facing food insecurity, malnutrition and increased health risks, including Covid-19. Our relief efforts will concentrate on the most vulnerable communities living in remote areas where accessibility was already a challenge before these latest two hurricanes:

  • In Nicaragua: our team is already responding to Hurricane Eta with our partner Soppexcca. We have started to provide food and hygiene kits to 5,000 people who are in desperate need. Following Hurricane Iota, we are now also doing a needs assessment on the impact of Iota.
  • In Honduras: we are currently doing a needs assessment with our partners Ocdih and CASM.
  • In Guatemala: we are currently gathering information in the field with partners Congcoop and Caja Lúdica.

Hurricane Prayer

Pelted by rain, battered by winds, overwhelmed with fear - Lord, protect those whose lives have been uprooted by the storms.

We pray for aid to reach those who are exposed and despairing, for your healing presence to reach those who feel cut off.

Amid the mud and destruction, precisely there, we pray that your light will give hope and strength.

As the new days dawn Lord, we pray for your ongoing protection against disease and desperation, and for those who can offer relief to hear your call to stand by those in distress.

We pray these words knowing that your power is greater than any storm and your tenderness a refuge for all.

In the name of Jesus,

Emergency Appeal

Donate now to provide urgent support to people affected by Hurricane Iota and Hurricane Iota in Central America.

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