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More than 41 million people in 43 countries are teetering on the brink of famine. Without immediate action, women, men and children will lose their lives.

This is a global hunger emergency. The Covid-19 pandemic, violent conflict and the climate crisis have all increased global hunger. Now, people in countries including South Sudan, Ethiopia and Burkina Faso are facing the very real threat of famine. 

Families desperately need food and clean water to survive. If we act now, we can prevent unnecessary deaths.

Our response

With the help of our local partners, your support can make a world of difference. Our partners work with communities to prevent famine and build resilience by delivering life-saving food and support to people who need them most.

The situation is particularly dire in South Sudan, where it is estimated that up to 60% of the country will face severe food insecurity. Hundreds of thousands of women, men and children are likely to face famine. We want to raise emergency funds to provide the lifesaving support they need. With your help our partners will: 

  • provide water hygiene kits to give households clean drinking water
  • buy assorted seeds and tools for households to grow vegetables
  • buy essential food for families facing starvation. 

Meet Asunta

'We have nothing to eat. We will not have anything to eat in the near future. My family and I worry because we are living in hardship caused by flooding. Life is hard on us with my family.'

Asunta’s farm is flooded, causing destruction of her crops, and very little for her and her family to eat. Since last year, floods and drought have caused hunger in the village. The village is now in dire need of urgent humanitarian assistance. 

Please give what you can to our Global Hunger Appeal to provide urgent support to people facing starvation. 

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Asunta Nyanut Deng 55, with her grandchild Nyanlang Hai Deng, 1 year, 4 months in Aweil South, Bahr El Ghazal state Credit: Christian Aid
Asunta stands in her flooded farm in South Sudan

It is time to act, now. This is a global emergency. Millions of people in South Sudan are in need of food. We have reached a catastrophic level of hunger.

- Salome Ntububa, Head of Global Humanitarian Response, Christian Aid.

Resources for church collections

Download resources to help promote our Global Hunger Appeal in your church.

Poster - Global Hunger Appeal

Download this poster to promote Christian Aid's Global Hunger Appeal in your church.

Join us in prayer

When Famine stalks the land, nothing grows.

Plants cannot, people cannot, ideas and dreams cannot –

everything withers and dies.

It is a violent aberration of your will for the world

and it is multiplied now

by conflict, climate change and COVID.

God of the flourishing field, there is enough to feed us all.

Call us to that sacred sharing –

neighbour to global neighbour -

Your gifts of food, water,

a chance to live the life so delicately crafted

by your divine spirit.

We will not turn away but turn towards each other

with generosity and a justice-driven compassion

that searches for solutions.

Famine stalks the land, so may our outrage grow,

may our determination steel itself,

may our solidarity spur us into action.

God of the flourishing field,

help us feed each other.