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What happened

In April 2016, a powerful earthquake hit the coastal provinces of Esmeraldas and Manabí in Ecuador. The quake claimed more than 650 lives and caused injury to approximately 16,000 people. 

By late April, 58 people were still missing and 6,998 buildings destroyed. Those living in shelters had increased to 25,640.

People were left without food and clean drinking water. Many slept on the streets, fearing that there could be looting in those shelters available.

According to reports, 13% of the population in Esmeraldas and Manabí – some 220,000 people – were affected by the earthquake.

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    We raised £109,043.

What we achieved

With support from Start Fund, we were able to work with our partners to deliver immediate humanitarian aid for the most affected, and often hard to reach, communities.

From April to June, Christian Aid – together with our partners – supported a total of 658 families in 24 affected communities.

We gave out essentials, including blankets, mosquito nets, mattresses and hygiene kits, as well as clean water.