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Emergency Appeals

In the year since the devastating earthquakes, at least 58,000 people are dead and homes, hospitals and schools have been devastated. 

 Thanks to your generosity, over our local partners have helped almost 105,500 people.

  • £3.5m

    Christian Aid supporters donated over £3.45 million to the DEC Turkey-Syria Earthquake Appeal.

  • 105k

    Our local partners have helped almost 105,500 people.

Our response

Working through local partners, and with funding from several donors, Christian Aid has been able to reach more than 105,500 people impacted by the earthquake.

Immediate emergency support included food kits, and cash in the first few months. This was followed by humanitarian support through protection, education, Survivors Community led approaches and cash. 

Nine months in, the focus moved to supporting the community resilience through small business grants. As well as support to help women through women centres that provided economic opportunities, legal awareness, and educational, protection and skills support. Christian Aid’s partners also helped the rebuilding of schools and roads. 

How we've supported those affected

Baby sat in a pushchair.
Child protection
Education and training
First aid kit
Emergency response
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Salwa and Mahmoud with their teacher Rawa in a summer school run by Christian Aid’s local partner Hurras Network (Child Guardians), thanks to funding from CORDAID.
Salwa and Mahmoud with their teacher Rawa in a summer school run by Christian Aid’s local partner Hurras Network, thanks to funding from CORDAID.

Creating safe spaces for children in crisis

We worked with our partner Hurras Network (Child Guardians), a child protection agency, to create a child-friendly space where they can provide one-to-one educational and emotional support.

Thanks to your donations, we were able to fund the creation of safe spaces across the area, which 4,000 children now attend. Two of the children impacted were Mahmoud and Salwa.

After the shock, both families were left devastated by the impact. Mahmoud and his family lived in a tent for two weeks until they felt safe enough to move back home. 

They now attend our partners schooling program, regaining their childhoods and building a brighter future for themselves and their community.

Salwa said: 'I consider the summer school my second home. I feel very safe here. I am with my friends, which helps me forget about the earthquake.' 

Mahmoud said: 'My favourite subject is maths. When I grow up I want to be an engineer so I can rebuild houses destroyed by earthquakes.'

By joining us, you can help people in need rebuild their lives.

People are facing a crisis on crisis. It is not too late to save lives.

The situation now

A year since the series of earthquakes hit Tukey and Syria, at least 58,000 men, women and children are dead. 

Over 200,000 buildings - including homes, hospitals and schools - have been hit by the widespread devastation. 

The enormous damage caused by the earthquakes is still obvious in Turkey, where thousands of residential buildings collapsed as people slept. Meanwhile in northwest Syria, where conflict remains and there is no overall coordinated response in a country still divided. People need essentials to survive such as food, clean water and health services. 

In northwest Syria, 1.9 million people live in over 1,500 camps or self-settled sites with limited predictable access to heating, clean water or other necessities. Around 80% are women and children and particularly vulnerable to many risks, including gender-based violence. 

The region also continues to face the challenges caused by the climate crisis, such as flooding. 

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Christian Aid's partner provided humanitarian relief following the earthquake. Winterisation kits were shared, including coats, blankets, mattresses and heating materials.
A large sum of tents, serving as temporary accommodation for families who have lost their homes to both the earthquake and the ongoing conflict in Turkey and Syria.

Join us in prayer

God of time and space, 

A year has passed since the earthquake that devastated southern Turkey and northern Syria, taking thousands of lives. 

While our attention has moved on, the horror, trauma and loss of those who survived continues. 

For those already displaced by ongoing conflict, the work of rebuilding lives and communities is challenging and slow. 

But you are a steadfast God whose compassion is unfaltering; 

You summon hope when all seems lost and call us to persist. 

And so, we thank you for the amazing work of Christian Aid partners 

Who continue to bring aid and support to those who need it most. 

Help us to stand together with those whose courage and endurance is stretched and tested, 

May they know they are not forgotten and never alone. 

It's not too late to save lives.

Every prayer, every gift, every action brings hope to people hit by disaster. By joining us, you can help people in need rebuild their lives.

How you can continue to help

Christian Aid is working with partners to provide hope and to ensure people survive and rebuild. We aim to reach around 289,500 more people by the time our projects are completed.

  • £20

    Hygiene kits for one household (family of 5).

  • £50

    Food baskets for one household (family of 5).

  • £140

    Winter kits: blankets, mattresses, and alternative sources of heating material, for one household (family of 5)

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Our approach to emergency appeals

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