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Published on 18 May 2020

Coronavirus has now reached the world’s largest refugee camp. We must respond quickly.

Two cases of coronavirus have now been detected in Cox's Bazar in Bangladesh, which is shelter to more than 850,000 Rohingya people.

Christian Aid’s Bangladesh Country Director, Pankaj Kumar, said: “This is alarming news, as the disease will no doubt spread rapidly.”

“This is disrupting the essential humanitarian aid refugees rely on, leaving the Rohingya people further at risk. For a community largely reliant on food, water, healthcare and protection from organisations like Christian Aid, this is a grave concern.”

“Longer-term effects of the outbreak will be devastating, with little to no opportunities for people to earn a living, resulting in hunger and extreme poverty. Women and girls are particularly at risk.”

This is alarming news, as the disease will no doubt spread rapidly. Longer-term effects of the outbreak will be devastating

- Pankaj Kumar, Christian Aid Bangladesh Country Director .

Please donate to save lives

In this over-crowded refugee camp, thousands of people have no clean water or soap to wash their hands. Refugee families are now extremely vulnerable to contracting this virus.

Please donate to help protect families who are facing this crisis around the world.

With your support, we can train 100 frontline workers in Cox’s Bazar to fight this virus, and ensure they are equipped with personal protective equipment.

We also hope to build handwashing stations throughout the camp, and deliver life-saving hygiene kits and soap to 50,000 people.

Globally, Christian Aid is responding in 20 countries to protect the most at-risk communities from this pandemic.

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Please reach out and protect your global neighbours battling the spread of this illness.