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Bintu washes her hands in a displacement camp in Nigeria

Coronavirus response: Nigeria

Working to protect displaced people.

Christian Aid is working with some of the poorest and most vulnerable communities to help them stay safe during the coronavirus pandemic. This includes with displaced people in Nigeria.

Our response in displacement camps

Christian Aid has been working in camps in Borno state, northeast Nigeria since 2016, to provide essential food to internally displaced people.

We’ve provided food to 48,550 people, including children and pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. We continue to deliver life-saving food on a monthly basis.

The potential impact of coronavirus

In these overcrowded camps, people lack proper hygiene facilities. The disease would spread rapidly in these circumstances. Thankfully, there have not yet been any confirmed cases in the camps, so our work continues with additional precautions in place.

Our immediate response

The Nigeria team is working hard to ensure they can continue this essential work without putting people living in the camps, or those delivering aid, at risk of getting the coronavirus.

To reduce the risk of spreading the virus, all staff and volunteers delivering aid are wearing protective equipment, such as gloves and masks, and regularly using hand sanitisers.

We have set up hand washing points in the distribution sites, to enable displaced families to wash and sanitise their hands before they arrive at the distribution site, and again when they leave.

Find out more about our response being funded by the UK Government

Responding to coronavirus

Watch the video and hear from our Programme Manager Anne Adah-Ogoh, based in Nigeria, talking about the impact of coronavirus in Africa.

Keeping people safe

We now have fewer staff members going into the camps, and we are working with more volunteers based in the camps to reduce unnecessary contact. We are also enabling social distancing to keep people safe.

To raise awareness of the virus, we are using jingles in local languages at distribution sites which inform people of the risks without causing fear and panic.

Love unites us all

It is at times like these – testing times – that we recognise we are all in this together. Coronavirus impacts all of us, but love unites us all.

We urgently need your help to support our response to the coronavirus pandemic. Please give what you can today.

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