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In India, a second wave of Covid is having a devastating impact. Cases are rising at an alarming rate, with more than 350,000 new cases in just 24 hours, according to Reuters.

A total of 201,187 lives have been lost to the pandemic in India. Across the country, hospitals are overrun and oxygen supplies are falling short of demand. 

Please stand with us and pray for our sisters and brothers in India. 

Across the world, and especially in India, the most marginalised have been hit the hardest. From women and people with disabilities to informal and migrant workers and Dalit communities.

Families who rely on income from a street stall or autorickshaw have been plunged further into poverty and are at increased risk to this deadly disease.  

The Indian government has introduced some social security measures to support people whose lives have been disrupted by the pandemic.  

But much needs to be done to ensure support reaches people who all too often get left behind due to lack of awareness, social stigma and discrimination. 

Our response

Thanks to Christian Aid’s Coronavirus Appeal, we are working with our local partners in India to:

  • raise awareness of vital messages around health, hygiene, sanitation and prevention so families can protect themselves.  
  • strengthen the agency of the most vulnerable and marginalised people, to help them access the social and financial security schemes and relief measures they so urgently need to survive this pandemic. 

So far, we have reached over 62,000 people from India’s most marginalised communities with this support, but the situation is rapidly worsening.

Please give what you can today.

Pray for India

As the second wave worsens in India, we have written a new prayer and set of prayer points so that you may hold vulnerable families in India in your hearts, as a church community and in your personal reflection.  

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An older woman receives a parcel of food for her family in Delhi, India. Credit: Christian Aid
A woman in India receives essential food supplies for her family.