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No one should have to live without the hope of a better life

At Christian Aid, our mission is to help give people of all faiths and none the chance to live their lives in hope and dignity. 

Too many people throughout the world are living in extreme poverty – people like Jen who is no different to us, except for the circumstances of her birth and the impossible odds she faces every day of her life. 


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Jen with son Chimwemwe, 14, getting ready for school Credit: Adam Haggerty/ Christian Aid
Jen with her son Chimwemw

We believe that no one should have to lose their children to malnutrition or disease – when the means to save them are within our reach. No one should have to live without the hope of a better life, when there are simple and practical ways for people like Jen to lift themselves out of poverty. 

With every new project and every day that passes, we see the impossible become possible. Family by family, community by community, people are transforming their own lives. And we can help – inspired by our Christian faith and a belief that change is possible, fuelled by the amazing progress we see every day.