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SABI Sierra Leone programme youth accountability volunteers


SABI Sierra Leone

SABI was a four-year citizen-led accountability programme funded by UK aid and delivered by a consortium of leading international and Sierra Leonean partners. The programme ended in 2020.

Christian Aid lead the programme alongside partners including Restless Development, Social Development Direct and Humentum.

SABI built relationships between citizens and the state and encouraged citizens to fulfil their own responsibilities for social amenities. Jump down to the learning reviews.

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Infographics provide vital feedback

The SABI programme developed more than 3,600 ‘handmade’ infographics to present vital data about essential services to communities where literacy is low.

SABI carried out a nationwide citizen perception survey to get an accurate picture of services on the ground.

Young volunteers, coordinated by partner Restless Development, used smartphones to gather community views and experiences of accessing services.

But finding ways to share the data with people who had contributed was a challenge – especially in areas where people have low literacy skills. A series of black and white infographics were developed to feedback information.

More videos from SABI: Introduction to SABI

Our approach

SABI recognised the integral role that communities played in the fight against Ebola, and presented an important opportunity for accountability programming. By once again placing communities at the forefront, SABI built on the potential to make significant shifts in the role of citizens and the responsiveness of the state for improved service delivery in Sierra Leone.

Gender, equality and social inclusion were central to the programme. SABI ensured vulnerable and excluded groups had the skills and support they needed to become active agents of change in their communities.

SABI contributed towards creating a more informed and empowered citizenry which can hold effective and ongoing dialogue with better engaged and more accountable state service providers.

Community data gathering via mobile for the SABI programme

SABI Learning Reviews

SABI: Democracy and Development Associates learning paper

This report presents the findings of the learning review of the project “Ensuring effective revenue mobilisation, transparency and accountability at the local level".

SABI Learning Review: Triggering Citizen Action

SABI community citizen action for effective governance and improved public services. Has it succeeded?

SABI: Sustainable Citizen Action for Better Public Services

This review asked the question – what factors influence the sustainability of the citizen action for accountable governance and improved public services triggered by SABI?

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Voice and governance

Christian Aid works to empower poor and marginalised communities to influence the decisions that affect their lives. We believe that poverty is struct
A youth accountability volunteer collects data during our SABI program, which aims to increase awareness of, and demand for, the delivery of basic services.

The power of data

SABI’s community-led, data-driven approach is improving healthcare.

Christian Aid in Sierra Leone

Our vision is a Sierra Leone where poor and marginalised women and men have equal access to resources and services and thrive within a responsible sta
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