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Public Health Emergency Preparedness


Public Health Emergency Preparedness

The Public Health Emergency Preparedness project aims to strengthen early warning, preparedness and response to public health emergencies in Ethiopia.

The programme operates in Gambella, a region located in the south western tip of Ethiopia that is prone to a wide range of health hazards. Timely collection of information is weak and compromises the ability of the health sector to take prompt action to save lives of poor and marginalised pastoralists communities. 

The project will enable the health sector and the community systems to predict and detect public health emergencies and act as quickly as possible.

Key information

Project Location:

Gambella region, Ethiopia


July 2015-December 2017

Programme value:


Target population:

100,000 people


Implementing partner: Amref Health Africa 

Consortium partners: Ministry of Health, National Meteorology Agency, Regional Health Bureau, Amref.

Funded by

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Our approach

The project  project is implemented through a consortium bringing together the Government and INGO stakeholders.  It targets the most marginalised and hard to reach communities in the region. The ultimate goal of the project is to establish a functional health information system that feeds into existing public health emergency standards in order to guide decision making through evidence. The key programme components aimed to address the capacity gaps identified through baseline survey include:

  • Strengthen the capacity of health personnel through skills training and knowledge sharing 
  • improve the capacity of health institutions by providing emergency stocks and supplies
  • Strengthen the link between weather and health information and enhance early warning systems by introducing climate information through automated weather stations to support evidence-based decision making before disasters strike
  • To start cross-border collaboration and coordination on disease surveillance in the South Sudan border where infectious diseases are widespread
  • Strengthen regional coordination and inclusion of the UN system i.e. UNICEF, WHO, UNHCR 

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Public Health Emergency Preparedness
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