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Originally from Haiti, Marismenia Antonio has lived in Las Rosas in the north of Dominican Republic for 29 years. She is one of the participants in Solidaridad Fronteriza’s training programme, learning how to set up and manage a small, organic kitchen garden next to her house. Despite living with the effects of climate change, the garden has helped her provide a wider range of nutritional food for her family, including lettuce, cabbage and onions.

Promoting the right to health in the Dominican Republic

The programme supports the organisations of the Dominican Civil Society in the defence of human rights in the most discriminated communities.

The 'Promoting the Right to Health of the Most Discriminated and Vulnerable Populations of the Dominican Republic' programme advocates for policies and practices, which respect the rights of women, children and minorities, which are discriminated against in the Dominican Republic (DR), including their access to healthcare.

The programme works to increase the awareness about rights and access to health, social security, and how to act when rights are not respected.

The project aims to address the lack of  dialogue between civil society, public health authorities and private health service providers within the DR.

It also looks to address a lack of both transparency and systematic accountability within the country.

The project is funded by the European Union in a consortium with Centro Montalvo, Instituto Nacional de la Salud (Insalud) and Movimiento de Mujeres Dominico Haitianas (MUDHA) and Christian Aid.

Key information


Dominican Republic


1 February, 2018 to 31 June, 2020

Programme value


Target population

This programme will target discriminated groups, civil society organisations, and the general population.

Consortium partners

Centro Montalvo, Instituto Nacional de la Salud (Insalud), Movimiento de Mujeres Dominico Haitianas (MUDHA) and Christian Aid

Funded by
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Christian Aid

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European Union

Our approach

The programme aims to help marginalised people understand their rights and how to access them, particularly in relation to health.

The project will work to improve the current system and advocate for action.


Strengthened advocacy

To date, the programme has supported civil society and local organisations to better advocate for the rights of marginalised communities.

Monitoring health systems

The programme has helped to establish committees to monitor compliance with health system regulations.

Health rights

The programme has helped marginalised groups understand their rights and advocate for inclusive public policies, which respect these rights.

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Promoting the right to health in the Dominican Republic
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