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Washing station in Burundi

Monitoring the impact of coffee in Burundi

Last month, Christian Aid Monitoring and Evaluation Manager Tiphaine Valois met with project staff in Burundi to evaluate the way that coffee yields are recorded by farmers.

Over the past three months, we have been placing a special focus on the way in which we record the impact of the Burundi coffee project. This was following concerns relating specifically to the yields which were recorded from farmers.

Tiphaine Valois, Christian Aid’s M&E Specialist, visited the country programme in September to assess the current situation and propose a plan for making enhancements to the way that coffee yields are recorded.

During her two-week visit, Tiphaine conducted an assessment of the monitoring and evaluation system of the ITL Coffee Value Chain Project to understand the entire data management system of the coffee value chain. She also conducted training with Christian Aid staff and partners on the importance of monitoring and evaluation good practices through a three day session.

Based on the findings from her visit, Tiphaine is working with the team in Burundi to develop a methodology for recording data.


We will continue to provide updates on the progress of data collection from the project.