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Cachoeira Porteira land rights

Historic victory for Quilombolas and for the Amazon

A victory for the Quilombola and indigenous people of Oriximina, in the Brazilian Amazon.

The ITL project, Land Rights for Quilombolas, officially finished last year. As is often the case with ITL projects, the impact can be seen in the legacy of the project.

The Quilombola people have inhabited  the district of Cachoeira Porteira for hundreds of years. Over the past three years, ITL had been enabling the communities there to unite, get organised and lobby the authorities to officially give them land rights. This is all in the midst of a new pro agri-business government and increasing pressure from mining companies encroaching on the land.

After 23 years of struggle, and thanks to your support, the community of Cachoeira Porteira have won the battle for 225,000 hectares of their land. This is an important victory not only for the communities who live in the region, who can continue earn a living by growing and selling cassava. 

And it’s also a victory for the land itself. According to WWF, around 17% of the Amazon has been destroyed in the past 50 years and victories like this, and the recognition of communities by the government, is critical in protecting the Amazon.

Oriximina Quilombola Territories
James Hutchinson

The map shows the boundaries of Cachoeira Porteira - one of eight Quilombola territories in the area of Oriximina, in the north of Brazil. Of the other eight territories shown on the map, the Quilombolas have been granted land rights to five of them.