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We are working with the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA), Caritas and through our local partner Indo-Global Social Service Society, (IGSSS) implementing activities among the most marginalised and vulnerable villages.

Our aims

To respond to the immediate needs of the flood affected communities in Alapuzha and Idduki districts in this part of India.

Our approach

Christian Aid has an ongoing programme in Kerala mainly focusing around WASH, shelter and non-food Items in the areas most affected by floods and landslides. Christian Aid is implementing programmes through local partners who have a strong presence on the ground. Our team is closely monitoring the programme to ensure it meets quality, accountability, safeguarding and code of conduct standards.

Through this project, beneficiaries have received non-food Items and safe drinking water in the affected communities living in remote villages. They are also being educated on promoting practices to reduce the risk of water-borne diseases, so the programme also includes cleaning-out wells, rain-water harvesting tanks and the de-sludging of septic tanks. 

Aid being handed over at a distribution point in Kerala
Key information


Alapuzha and Idduki districts


from September 2018- May 2019

Programme value:

Approx.1 million Euros - entire consortium budget
Approx. 335,000 Euros - Christian Aid budget

Target population:

Approx. 25,000 households in total reached by all consortium partners

Consortium partners:


Funded by

European Union

Key achievements

In the first phase of this project,1,538 beneficiaries have received kits, comprising of essential items such as kitchen utensils, soap, antiseptic liquid, bucket, mosquito net, etc.

1,240 beneficiaries, especially single women and people with disabilities, together with the marginalised and vulnerable, who have not received any livelihood support from any of the agencies, received help to address their immediate needs.


Livelihood assistance helped Chelamma to get back on her feet.

When Chelamma’s area was devastated last August, by flooding Kerala has not witnessed in 100 years, she and her family took refuge in a near-by school. Chelamma was worried about so many things; getting medicine for her paralysed husband was top of the list.

Chelamma found her home under 5-feet water and sludge when she returned from the shelter after 20 days. Clothes and utensils were washed away and her refrigerator was damaged. With a paralysed husband and a sick son who cannot work anymore, day-labourer Chelamma and her daughter-in-law are the main providers for the family. Already struggling to make the ends meet, Chelamma was at her wit’s end wandering how to manage.  

When Christian Aid was making a list of beneficiaries under the ECHO supported project to provide livelihood assistance to, Chelamma and her family were prioritised. Women-headed households with weak socio-economic status, mainly Dalits and Tribals and further vulnerable groups such as women, the elderly and people with disability were given priority to receive livelihood assistance so they could meet their immediate needs following the flood.

 “We got the money at the right time, when I was thinking of how I would buy medicines for my husband as I had no money left which I spent on the essential household items lost during the flood, but I had to get his medicines somehow. It was a huge relief.” She adds, “It also helped to pay fees for my grandchildren and to buy uniforms. They were very happy to go back to school after the flood water receded.”

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Humanitarian assistance to communities affected by the Kerala floods
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