Community data gathering via mobile for the SABI programme

Our research and reflections on practice

Our research

Fair and equitable research partnerships

We are members of the Rethinking Research Collaborative, an informal international network of organisations which encourages inclusive, responsive collaborations to produce useful and accessible international development research. The Collaborative undertook this study of research partnerships, published in 2018. It introduces eight principles for fair and equitable research partnerships.

Promoting fair and equitable research partnerships to respond to global challenges (Report, Rethinking Research Collaborative, 2018)

Commissioned studies

Governance programming impact assessment

As we were laying the foundations for the Centre for Excellence in Research, Evidence and Learning, we commissioned a multi-country impact assessment of Christian Aid’s governance programming. We wanted to gather insights and learning on our programming approaches, and to generate evidence of impact using creative methods. The findings were published as reports and videos.

Stand strong: women and politics, Kailahun, Sierra Leone (Report, Siobhan Warrington and Jane Martin, 2016)

Final report of a learning assessment of the health governance programme, Kenya (Report, Fiona Talcott and Abena Afari, 2015)

Accountable governance: assessment of impact and learning in Bangladesh (Report, Fiona Talcott and Vera Scholz, 2015)

El Salvador: building community capacity (Video documentary (9:58), Robert Stern and Rupert Widdicombe, 2015)

Claiming spaces: culture and power in Guatemala (Video documentary (9:31), Robert Stern and Rupert Widdicombe, 2015)


Applying eight principles for fair and inclusive research partnerships (Blog, Jude Fransman, Rachel Hayman and Kate Newman, 2018)

Who produces development knowledge? (Blog, Kate Newman, 2018)

Getting to grips with the politics of research collaboration (Blog, Karen Brock, 2018)

Considerations for integrating research into programme design (Blog, Kate Bingley, 2018)