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We will regularly feature different pieces of research led by REL. The first of these is an organisational impact assessment. 

Featured research: governance programming

In 2015, as we were laying the foundations for REL, we commissioned a multi-country impact assessment of Christian Aid’s governance programming. We wanted to gather insights and learning on our programming approaches, and to evidence the impact that this work has had.  We also wanted to trial alternative assessment methodologies.

The study focused on four country/regional programmes, and explored a variety of assessment methodologies:

Sierra Leone election

Sierra Leone: women and politics

A qualitative participatory research approach (including oral testimony).

Health centre in Kenya

Kenya: health governance

A theory-based approach (contribution analysis).

Women in Bangladesh

Bangladesh: accountable governance

A theory-based approach (process tracing).

El Salvador research video

El Salvador: building community capacity

Participatory video documentary.

Community leader Fatima and youth leader Jose from the Department of Morazan have been working successfully with Christian Aid partner, Iniciativa Social para la Democracia (ISD), to develop their ability to hold the local government to account and to advocate for the rights of women and young people.

Guatemala research video

Guatemala: building a cultural centre

Participatory video documentary.

The film tracks the journey of volunteer community leader Marco and his plans to build a cultural centre in his neighbourhood. It also roots his story in the wider political context, explaining how Metafora influenced the government policy that has made the new cultural centres possible.


By using different methodological approaches we were able to deepen our understanding of the types of evidence that can be produced through alternative approaches and engage staff in thinking more deeply about the choices they are making about how to evidence their work.


Sierra Leone: assessment of governance programming methodology

Kenya: guide to contribution analysis methods

Bangladesh research methodology: guide to process tracing and realist evaluation

Central America governance programming – video methods

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A guide on the steps necessary to conduct process tracing, with a brief section on how and where to combine this with realist evaluation.

A participatory governance assessment in Sierra Leone, focused on Christian Aid’s partner SEND and its women in governance project.