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18 June 2019

On International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women in Conflict, we express our concern for all women around the world whose bodies have been used as a weapon of war.

14 June 2019

The volunteer, the entrepeneur, the survivor, the midwife, the pastor, the reformed

12 June 2019

How the fight against Ebola is being hampered by issues with aid workers.

12 June 2019

Our partner SEEDS creates sustainable livelihoods for displaced people in Nepal, with a focus on gender and social inclusion.

06 June 2019

How we used an Integrated Conflict Prevention and Resilience approach (ICPR) in humanitarian programmes.

03 June 2019

We will not tackle gender injustice if we do not regulate business and human rights practices, says Global Gender and Inequalities Lead Marianna Leite

29 May 2019

Jobs are scarce in Rohingya refugee camps, especially for people with disabilities. The limited employment opportunities available in the camps often demand heavy physical labour and are not suitable for people like Din Mohammad.

29 May 2019

Starting a business is always a challenge, especially when your shop is on a steep muddy slope in a refugee camp. Minara and her husband were forced to abandon their home and business in Myanmar and start from scratch in ‘Camp 14’ in Bangladesh.

29 May 2019

Jobs are always in short supply in refugee camps, but the challenge is often far greater if you are a woman. Saika, a 22-year old Rohingya woman from ‘Camp 14’, desperately needed to find work to support her family.

21 May 2019

Prospery Raymond, our country manager for Haiti and the Dominican Republic, explains how Caribbean voices must be heard in climate change conversations.

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