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22 January 2020

On International Day of Education, we share stories from students who are able to continue their studies at an education centre supported by our local Syrian partner with funding from the European Union.

16 January 2020

ASURE- Health ensures young people have access to free and friendly services

13 January 2020

How women in Malawi are tackling energy poverty through sustainable businesses and speaking out.

09 January 2020

With traditional harvests proving vulnerable to climate change, farmers in Dumba, Angola, have been trialing a new cash crop, with promising results

29 November 2019

As the world's governments meet in Madrid for the 25th UN Climate Change conference, Senior Theological Adviser Bob Kikuyu reflects on the need to stand for creation and raise our voices for climate justice

07 November 2019

Following a recent meeting between citizens and duty bearers to discuss the health needs of the most vulnerable groups in society, we share the successes.

05 November 2019

The Primary Health Care programme in Kayin State in Myanmar aims to improve health care services and to empower communities in addressing health issues. These are the experiences of a health care worker in one of the villages in this programme.

29 October 2019

After setting up her own successful village bakery, Rosa and her fellow entrepreneurs in Angola have created a crisis fund to help neighbours facing hard times.

23 October 2019

More than 100 church denominations and faith-based organisations worldwide have joined forces to stand in solidarity with those in the Amazon region.

15 October 2019

As the World Humanitarian Action Forum takes place in Istanbul, Michael Mosselmans, Head of Humanitarian Policy and Practice takes a look at progress made and expectations for the meeting.

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