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Views, analysis and debate on Christian Aid's global policy work on economic justice and tax, inequality and gender, climate change and low-carbon energy, humanitarian response and resilience, and peace-building

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08 March 2020

Global Gender and Inequalities Lead Marianna Leite explains Christian Aid’s role at the UN’s Commission on the Status of Women, advocating for faith actors to advance gender justice

26 February 2020

Eric Gutierrez, Senior Adviser From Violence to Peace explores the relationships between Illegality, violence and fragility

27 January 2020

Kat Kramer, Climate Change Global Lead, discusses the connections between the top five global environmental risks, and strategic opportunities for climate action in 2020

17 January 2020

Senior Inequalities Advisor Nadia Saracini explains the need for faith-based actors to fight for gender justice

13 January 2020

Economic Justice Adviser Alvic Padilla introduces a new report on tax breaks, explaining how they can harm development and what can be done

21 November 2019

In advance of COP25, Climate Change Adviser Alejandro González reflects on what recent events in Latin America tell us about climate justice

10 October 2019

How the Rugby World Cup has highlighted the disparity between the carbon emissions of the nations taking part.

09 October 2019

Governance and Human Rights Adviser Gráinne Kilcullen argues that implementation of the International UN Treaty on Business and Human Rights offers a real chance for systemic economic change

19 September 2019

Review of oversight mechanism for SDG implementation will make or break the next decade of action for sustainable development, says Senior Inequalities Advisor Nadia Saracini

22 July 2019

As floods hit South Asia again, Senior Inequalities Adviser Nadia Saracini discusses marginalision in early warning and post-disaster relief