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Views, analysis and debate on Christian Aid's global policy work on economic justice and tax, inequality and gender, climate change and low-carbon energy, humanitarian response and resilience, and peace-building

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03 June 2019

We will not tackle gender injustice if we do not regulate business and human rights practices, says Global Gender and Inequalities Lead Marianna Leite

09 April 2019

Alejandro González, Climate Change Adviser for Latin America, argues for the importance of linking global and local for urgent action on climate and sustainable energy

14 March 2019

Dr Alison Doig, Head of Global Policy, argues that to implement the Paris Agreement, we need a frank discussion about equity

01 March 2019

Senior Inequalities Adviser Nadia Saracini discusses the impact of caste-based discrimination and what needs to be done about it

18 February 2019

We will not tackle injustice by putting the interests of the rich ahead of the interests of the poor, says Global Economic Justice Lead Toby Quantrill

05 February 2019

Reform needed for a greater role for developing countries, says Matti Kohonen, Principal Adviser Private Sector

01 February 2019

We must think holistically to tackle interconnected risk, says Global Climate Lead Kat Kramer