A woman sits with her son on her knee whilst another woman smiles at him in Narok County, Kenya

Ten Years – researching change in Colombia, Kenya and the UK

A study of how change happens and how Christian Aid contributes to it

Christian Aid works to expose and help end poverty, and to challenge the structures and systems that favour the rich and powerful over the poor and marginalised. So, making change happen is at the heart of our work.

But we know that the changes we want are complicated and happen at many levels, from local to global.

Ten Years is a research project in Colombia, Kenya and the UK. It involves our supporters and our staff, our partners, and members of the communities where we work in documenting, analysing and communicating what change looks like for them.

The team from the Centre for Excellence in Research, Evidence and Learning are coordinating the study, ensuring opportunities for learning and sharing between the different programmes involved and those interested in their work. They will also be reflecting on what the study says about wider changes in civil society in each country, and internationally.


Like all NGOs, we routinely invest in evaluating our programmes and learning from our practice. But it is much less common for us to take a long-term view of change. 

This study enables some of the different people involved in our work to regularly share their perspectives on change over the course of several years.

A robust research approach will allow us to map their perspectives and experiences against wider changes in local and national contexts.   

As a practice-based organisation, we are not just interested in understanding change. We also want this long-term understanding to deepen and strengthen our impact on poverty. 



Updates from the different elements of the study will give a unique insight into how different people involved in our work understand change and what is needed to make it happen. These pages are regularly updated, and outputs from the study will include reports, blogs and videos.


The peace agreement three years on - Afro-Colombian and Indigenous views (Karen Brock and Kas Sempere, June 2019)


In our first video (April 2018), Kate Newman, co-head of the Centre for Excellence in Research, Evidence and Learning, introduced the study and spoke about the importance of understanding long-term change.