A woman sits with her son on her knee whilst another woman smiles at him in Narok County, Kenya

Exploring a decade of change

Understanding social change and shifting power over a period of 10 years in Colombia and Kenya.

We know that social change and shifting power is complex and non-linear, and yet this is at the heart of what we do. 

Our aims

We want to understand how change happens, and the impact we are contributing to.

We will follow the lives of four communities (two in Colombia and two in Kenya) over a period of 10 years. 

Regular communication from these programmes will enable you to also follow these changes as they happen.  


As INGOs we routinely invest in evaluating our programmes and learning from our practice, but it is less common for us to take the longer-term view. 

This programme of work enables people in the communities we are supporting, to share their lives and give their perspectives on what is changing. A robust research approach will also allow us to map these perspectives against wider changes in the local and national context.   


Christian Aid's research, evidence and learning team will be coordinating the programme, ensuring that there are opportunities for learning and sharing between the different programmes, and developing a global research agenda which builds on the work happening nationally. 

This will include a focus on specific themes within our work, such as: 

  • looking at gender relations,
  • relations with local government
  • themes that are relevant to Christian Aid as an international non-governmental organisation (INGO), such as: 
    • our role as a partner in the two countries as civil society changes,
    • the relationship between Christian Aid’s role in country and as part of a global organisation.

As a practice-based organisation we are not just interested in understanding change; we also expect any work we support to contribute to deeper, stronger, more inclusive and sustainable impact on poverty. 

Therefore, while we wish to study these dynamics, we also intend to keep short feedback loops and create systems so that we can learn and adapt our work throughout the length of the study. 

We also intend to use the materials and analysis within our communication and advocacy work, engaging with our diverse stakeholders to enable them to engage with us in creating greater change.