At Christian Aid we want to tell the whole story.

Through DataStories, our new digital storytelling platform, we aim to capture stories through words, photographs, film... and data.

This new approach will combine authentic and compelling personal stories from the people and communities we work with around the world with hard data, evidence and numbers, which show the actual change our projects are having within people’s lives.

Brought together and shared openly, this will provide a powerful account of the work of Christian Aid and its partners.

That way, nothing is hidden, embellished or sugar-coated, and our donors, supporters and the wider public get the full picture.

Through DataStories, you will be able to explore a project, to see what has worked well and not so well, what has changed or stayed the same, read the real stories and meet the people behind the stats.

We will be combining authentic and compelling personal stories from the people and communities we work with around the world... with hard data, evidence and numbers

A youth accountability volunteer collects data during our SABI program, which aims to increase awareness of, and demand for, the delivery of basic services.

Christian Aid gathers data in all its projects. This can include survey data that seeks to understand what has changed in vulnerable peoples’ lives.

We often conduct group discussions and individual interviews to understand more about why change has and has not happened, and what could be improved. We also collect data on how many people have been reached by the project, received training, information or a loan, or how many wells have been dug.

We use this information to learn what is and is not working, to make decisions about how to improve our work and to report to donors. We want to start sharing that data more widely through DataStories.

We also hope to increasingly give people a chance to tell their own stories, so they can talk freely about the impact of our project on their lives, their families and communities.

Christian Aid invites you to delve into DataStories, get under the skin of our projects, understand the impact we are having, crunch the numbers, and meet the incredible people we work with.

To find out more, provide feedback or ask any questions about DataStories, you can email us at

Community data gathering via mobile for the SABI programme

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