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A community's ability to make decisions and respond effectively in times of crisis can make a significant difference when disaster strikes.

Women’s primary responsibility in these communities is to take care of the household. As a result, they are at the forefront when disaster strikes, yet are often excluded from community discussions and decision-making.

BRACED supports and empowers women to play a greater role in meeting the challenges of climate change, from creating alternative livelihoods to protecting the environment.

Our data on raising voices
The percentage of households sharing decision-making equally decreased by 2% from the start of the programme.
Key findings
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A higher percentage of women reported playing an equal role in decision-making by the end of the BRACED programme.

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However, less men (between 25-50) agreed that decision-making was equal by the end of the programme. As men make up a larger number of respondents, this pushed the overall percentage down.

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The young and elderly reported an increase in households sharing decision-making equally.

DataStories on raising voices

Kemia Ahmed leaning over the counter of her shop in Kombulcha, Ethiopia

Kemia has come a long way since depending on food aid to feed her family.

“I never imagined I would lead this kind of life. We were dependent on aid for our living. We would get grain and when that was not enough we would make charcoal to sell to buy other things. I now have around 30,000 birr (900 pounds) capital in the shop. I have bulls and I have goats.”

Kayosa Sekale Sasso in her stove production workshop

Producing fuel conserving stoves has not only given women like Kayosa a lucrative income, it has given them the freedom to perform work once considered the sole preserve of men.

People used to say that mixing cement was a man’s work – not any more. We are mixing the cement ourselves. There is no such thing as work that only men can do. We are proving it here, and that makes us proud. You cannot stop us.

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