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After being hit by severe and frequent droughts, many pastro-agricultural communities in Ethiopia were wholly dependent on food aid. Harvests failed, livestock died or were sold and families lost their income and livelihood.

To break this cycle of vulnerability, the BRACED programme has helped communities invest in more resilient, drought-proof activities such as soap production.

Promoting non-agricultural sources of income to mitigate the harmful environmental impact of traditional sources of income is one of the objectives of the BRACED programme.

- Samuel Karafo, BRACED Project Officer .

Our data on inclusive markets
The percentage of BRACED communities in Ethiopia with adequate income to meet their needs decreased from the start to the end of the programme by 4%.
Key findings
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The majority of participants began the programme with adequate income, but by the end of the programme their spending power had decreased.

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Although participants had started to create assets, put savings aside and to enjoy a higher income as a result of BRACED, successive droughts from 2015-2017 had left them with less savings and less money to meet their needs.

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In contrast, households that were poor at the beginning of the programme (male and female alike) now have adequate spending power. 

DataStories on inclusive markets

Kaliso Gezahegn in her shed making soup with community members in Konso, Ethiopia

Kaliso Gezahegn and her partners have a problem.

They can’t keep up with demand for the aloe vera infused soap they produce at the Kersale Soap Manufacturers Association - established with the support of the BRACED programme.

Awey Tchiri a member of BRACED-led self-help group in Ethiopia

Awey Tchiri, a 38-year-old mother of eight, is a member of the BRACED supported Tchelaleka Nega self-help group that come together once a week in Borena Zone to deposit their savings.

We didn’t know about this kind of thing in the past. Then [BRACED] came here and brought us together as a self-help saving group and we started saving.

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