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Silhouettes of four displaced women in Sudan Policy

A FAIR deal for IDPs

We're calling on all countries to ensure a FAIR deal for internally displaced people: Funded, Ambitious, Inclusive and Respectful of international law. Read the full set of policy briefing papers.

'A FAIR deal for IDPs' briefing papers 1-4
Displaced woman holding small child, Nepal
How can we make sure that the rights and needs of internally displaced persons (IDPs) are no longer overlooked?
Woman building house in Sudan
How can the laws to protect internally displaced people (IDPs) be respected?
Man with young granddaughter, Iraq
How can we address the root causes of - and put an end to - long-term displacement?
Woman holding a dove, Iraq
Agenda 2030 offers an unrivalled chance to ensure that response and aid delivers for IDPs. What does it need to succeed?