Directorate team

Amanda Khozi Mukwashi joined Christian Aid as Chief Executive in April 2018

Amanda Mukwashi

Amanda has more than 20 years’ experience. She has extensive knowledge and expertise in working to alleviate poverty, injustice and inequality, with a special focus on women’s leadership, civic engagement and volunteering.
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The Board of Trustees delegates to the Chief Executive the management of Christian Aid.

The Chief Executive has authority to direct the charity’s staff, resources and relationships in line with the overall strategic policies, direction, goals and budget set by the Board of Trustees and in keeping with constitutional objectives, the essential purpose, identity and nature of Christian Aid.

The Chief Executive leads the executive group, known as the ‘Directorate’. The Directorate operates in a collegiate manner, as a team.

The Chief Executive however, as the chairperson, has ultimate authority over any decisions made within the Directorate. The Heads of Department (‘Directors’) have authority to lead their departments in line with the priorities collectively agreed by the Directorate.

Our current Directorate team is comprised as follows:

  • Martin Birch – Chief Operating Officer
  • Christine Allen – Director of Policy and Public Affairs
  • Martin Kyndt – Director of Programme Innovation and Funding
  • David Pain – Director of Supporter and Community Partnerships
  • Paul Valentin – International Director

Board of Trustees

Meet our Board of Trustees and learn more about what they do.