March 2016. Innocent Rugonumugabo learned new techniques to look after his coffee trees that he hopes will increase his yield.

Supporting markets

Our work supports the formation of farmers’ associations, builds connections between producers and private-sector buyers, improves marketing and results in increased incomes for farmers.

Coffee in Burundi

In Burundi, the world’s fourth poorest country, our programme is working with 18 coffee farmers’ cooperatives, targeting more than 11,000 farmers. Through training in improved farming techniques, farmers have been able to double their production and increase annual household income. The project has also brokered access to both local and international markets.

We’ve also worked to increase access to the premium, speciality coffee market; to help women to participate across the whole value chain; and to open up access to export markets. A women’s cooperative coffee brand has been launched, three existing buyers have doubled their contracts, and five new buyers are working closely with the cooperative.

This is just one example of more than 30 innovative In Their Lifetime (ITL) projects, which have empowered women and men across the world to start and to build sustainable sources of income.

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