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Our humanitarian work

We believe that local organisations understand their communities’ needs better than outsiders.

As far as possible, we should let affected populations lead the design and implementation of their crisis response.

humanitarian projects in 26 countries, reaching an estimated 1 million people

As the civil war in Syria worsened, we helped deliver essential services to vulnerable populations. In March 2018, in the siege of Eastern Ghouta, our partner’s food kitchen was able to cook and distribute food to 12,000 people, showing the value of this localisation approach.

We have site-managed a camp for over 50,000 Rohingya people fleeing to Bangladesh to escape violence; we also worked with local partners to provide food assistance to internally displaced people within Myanmar.

Read the Humanitarian section of our Annual Report.

Our supporter partnerships

In what remains one of the biggest acts of Christian witness in the UK, our supporters raised £9.6 million in Christian Aid Week 2017.

A huge thank-you to over 60,000 collectors and 13,000 churches.

Our supporters constantly inspire us in the fight to end poverty through fundraising and campaigning. We are continuing to develop a fundraising model that links supporters meaningfully to communities in the global South – our future is bound up with that of our neighbours around the world.

Children are quick to empathise… their questions and hopes for a fairer world never fail to inspire me; I come away refreshed and resolved to do more.

- Peter Bloodworth – group organiser, campaigner, teacher and speaker.

Amanda and supporters kick of the Circle the City event, London 2018

Christian Aid Week: Amanda Mukwashi and the Rev George Bush celebrate with supporters in London

Financial overview

Read the Financial Review section of our Annual Report.


We owe it to everyone we work with to ensure our standards are interrogated with the greatest rigour. People and organisations trust us to act in the most ethical and compassionate way – and if we do not, our ability to speak out on injustice is undermined.

Our updated safeguarding policy and procedures take full account of the Charity Commission’s December 2017 recommendations. You can find out more about our safeguarding measures in the Principal risks and Structure, governance and management sections of our report.

Read our current and previous Annual Reports in our section on Accountability and Transparency