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Our achievements

Christian Aid and our partners around the world reached millions of people in 2016/17. Together, we worked tirelessly to support them to improve their lives, to influence the actions of government and other power holders, and to meet the needs of those caught up in conflict and disasters.

Here are some examples of how we met our strategic objectives. For a more detailed account, please see our latest Annual Report.

Power to change institutions

We helped thousands of communities gain the power to change institutions. In Nigeria, we helped people hold decision makers to account. As a result, 2.5 million people have benefited from improved public services. Read the Power to Change Institutions section of our Annual Report.

Hand holding mobile displaying tweets from Voice to the People.

Our Voice to the People project uses social media to share news and learning and allow discussion among partners and communities.

Right to essential services

We helped thousands of people get the quality healthcare they deserve because everyone has a right to essential services.

In Kenya and Malawi, our partners have helped more than 30,000 vulnerable pregnant women access life-saving healthcare. Read the Right to Essential Services section of our Annual Report.

New mother Avery sits cradling baby daughter in hospital.

New mother Avery Chaluza Kondowe gave birth safely after receiving support and advice from a birth attendant trained by our partner.


vulnerable, pregnant women accessed healthcare thanks to the work of our partners in Kenya and Malawi.

Fair shares in our constrained world

We helped thousands of poor communities adapt to climate change. We want everyone to have a fair share in our constrained world

We have helped 1.3 million people in Burkina Faso and 380,000 in Ethiopia to plan and prepare for a changing climate. Read the Fair Shares section of our Annual Report.

Loko Jarso chops firewood in remote, arid part of Ethiopia

Loko Jarso chops firewood. Loko is being supported by our partner HUNDEE as part of the BRACED Ethiopia programme. Since March 2015, HUNDEE have helped more than 1,500 women to organise themselves into self-help groups. 

Equality for all

We helped some of the most marginalised people to overcome inequality – we believe in equality for all

Our multi-year Poorest Areas Civil Society programme, which ended in March 2017, reached 9.6 million excluded people. Read the Equality for All section of our Annual Report.

Women in brightly coloured saris pore over map in Jharkhand, India.

Our partner supported people to understand their rights and demand that the facilities they needed be built in their communities.

Photo credit: Ranjan Rahi


excluded people received support from our Poorest Areas Civil Society programme in India, which ended in 2016.

Tackling violence and building peace

We helped to end conflicts and protect vulnerable people from violence. We are committed to tackling violence and building peace. In Colombia, our partners supported survivors of conflict to speak in the peace talks.

Thanks to the input of women, there is now no amnesty for perpetrators of sexual violence. Read the Tackling Violence, Building Peace section of our annual report.

Volunteer Jack Grundy in front of lake in remote region of Colombia.

Our partner Peace Brigades International (PBI) works to promote human rights in a remote part of Colombia. 

Humanitarian emergencies

We responded swiftly and effectively to humanitarian emergencies.

Our 44 emergency responses worldwide reached around 1.2 million people. In South Sudan, we gave vital aid to 72,000 displaced people. Read the Humanitarian Emergencies section of our Annual Report.


Displaced woman holding small child, Nepal

Our partner WFP supplies relief items in Yida refugee camp in Sudan. The camp holds 64,000 refugees who have fled aerial bombardment from Khartoum.

Partnerships with supporters

Our partnerships with supporters make everything possible.

During our annual fundraising event Christian Aid Week, 50,000 collectors and 10,000 churches stood up for poor communities around the globe. Read the Supporter Partnerships section of our Annual Report.

Large group of smiling supporters holding red Christian Aid balloons

People taking part in Circle the City in London helped us raise funds to support our vital work around the world.

Where we work

Map showing countries Christian Aid works in

This year, we raised £97m from:

Annual review income 2016-17 - CHART

And spent £93.6m on...

Annual review expenditure 2016-17 - CHART

Read the Financial Review section of our Annual Report.


Aid is not about creating dependence but about helping people become valued partners and co-workers for a safe, equal world

Dr Rowan Williams

Christian Aid Chair

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