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Accountability and transparency

We are committed to being accountable to our stakeholders by sharing information, encouraging participation in decision-making and actively seeking feedback.

Accountability is not just about processes and systems – it is a core organisational value which governs our behaviour, the way we approach partnership and how we go about implementing our work. We are working towards a set of cross-organisational accountability standards, against which we will monitor and report our performance.

Our stakeholders include: the poor and marginalised communities whom we exist to serve; our partner organisations; our donors and supporters; our sponsoring churches, staff and management; our allies, suppliers, regulators and those we seek to influence; and the media and wider public. 

Read our latest safeguarding statement

Find out what Christian Aid has done, and is doing, to protect the communities we seek to help, our partners and staff. 

We recognise that different stakeholders require different information and are able to access information in different ways. To that end, we seek to be transparent in sharing information about our work in the most accessible and appropriate way. You can access some of this information by reading our annual report and accounts, and policies and evaluation reports

We strive to continually strengthen our accountability practice and how we share information, so please do contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.

Our practice

We produce regular reports to share the work we are doing to achieve our mission. We regularly evaluate our work in a range of different ways, identifying learning, successes and challenges.

Annual reports

Further annual reports are available on our resources page