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Moussa remembers a time when there were trees near his home and wild animals in plain sight. Grass for roofing and to feed animals was easy to find.

Now, there’s not enough trees or grass, so his family struggles to produce enough food to eat.


Moussa received three goats from the BRACED programme, enabling him to diversify his income and transform his family’s life.

Moussa’s two eldest children are illiterate. However, due to awareness raising and with the income from his goats, he now understands the importance of education and has sent his other children to school.

I can pay for things I couldn’t buy before. I can pay for my children’s school fees and school materials. You can sell a goat for this. It can solve health issues as when your child is sick you can pay for treatment.

- Moussa Mande.

Moussa Mande holding a handful of goat manure in Burkina Faso

He currently grows millet, sorgum and beans, and plans to improve his land.

I’d like to make my field wider and give more yield, using some agricultural practices and using manure from the goats to fertilise them.

- Moussa Mande.

Data snapshot

Moussa is not characteristic of other low-income, smallholding farmers in BRACED communities in Burkina Faso. With yields decreasing by 31% from the start to the end of the programme. This may be explained by the onset of severe drought in 2016 which led to lower harvests and less food to set aside for their families.
A new future

Moussa’s wife Elizabeth is delighted with their new herd of goats. From the initial herd, they have already managed to breed three extra goats and hopes to breed many more. This additional income will help pay for healthcare for her baby granddaughter and, eventually, her school fees.

They also hope this will allow their eldest son to leave the gruelling, unsafe work of the mine and tend to the goat herd as it grows.

It has also had the unexpected benefit of bringing Moussa closer to his family.

I am closer now to my family as I don’t need to go to market to trade. I have to take care of these goats so I’m always at home.

- Moussa Mande.

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